Long overdue update

SO it’s been a ridiculously long time since I updated this blog, mainly because I’ve been too busy to design it properly. But I figured this might be a great spot for me to post my musings, anecdotes and updates going on in my life, that I would no doubt forget in about an hour or two. It’ll also give me good motivation with my video work, to finally get out there and start making some money off this thing, and maybe also to post up some random video experiments and personal mini projects instead of my camera sitting there going to waste.

For those that haven’t seen it yet, my latest video is for the incredibly talented and hardworking band My Ruin, called Long Dark Night. It took almost 2 months of my own long dark nights, working closely with the vocalist Tairrie B Murphy, to interpret the meaning of the song into a unique and powerful video. It features a mix of live video shot partly by myself, religious imagery – including the beautiful Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, and motion graphics to tie both worlds together.

After release it received an overwhelmingly positive response from My Ruin fans, and had 4,000 YouTube views in one week. It was also featured on the front page of Metal Hammer online (a magazine I’ve been buying for years!) and many other major rock news websites. I was chuffed to say the least!! Watch the video below and let me know what you think! You can also check out this awesome band over to www.myruin.net m/



Ahoy internet-goers, it’s all been pretty quiet on the news front, but hopefully in the near future I should be getting some more work up on here. It’s been pretty crazy lately with my current job at Codemasters – what with my epic train commute of 2 hours just to get there each day. At the moment I’m currently looking at other prospects which will allow me to be a bit more creative and productive. As much as I value the job, there’s nothing more draining of creativity than playing the same game for 3/4 months at a time!!

Anyway, next week I should be doing my first live band photoshoot in Leamington Spa. A very cool band called KIERONONON. So expect some photos up after that’s all done if all goes well. Also there has been a bug with my contact form recently, so the people that contacted me, I’m afraid I never received your message! Luckily it is now all fixed, so feel free to resend your glowing messages of praise, thanks! :P

Bloodstock 09!

Long time no update. Just thought I’d drop in a quick note to mention that last weekend I got a chance to film at this years Bloodstock Festival, as part of the Dark Box crew, which was an incredible experience. If you were caught on fan cam, cheers for putting up with my badgering questions and for providing many a devil horn m/. It was amazing just hanging backstage and seeing how everything worked behind the scenes, not to mention the VIP toilets!! Aside from the filming aspect, I met some really cool people, as well as old friends, and even got to interview on camera the notorious ‘Spank’torum! Keep an eye out for the Bloodstock 09 documentary coming soon to a screen near you. Bring on next year!

New Video Online!

Yes it’s that time again folks, I have a new video up and running for your viewing pleasure. It is the new live video for My Ruin’s cover of “Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo” by Rick Derringer (and dedicated to my cat Hoochie). It was filmed at Leeds Rios and TJ’s in Newport during My Ruin’s Religiositour in 2008. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

Also worth mentioning, I recently got a new job working at Codemasters as a QA Tester (in other words a game tester!). Hopefully it should be awesome, apart from the long travel there and back, but after I pass my driving test and get myself a car, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I start next monday, so keep checking my Twitter for updates on how I’m getting on!


Some pretty big updates to report of late. Thanks to this website, I’ve managed to land myself an awesome role working freelance with The Dark Box, who are a kickass bunch of chaps who film bands and make them look good. Last weekend armed with a ‘Crew’ pass, I assisted them with filming at the Hellfire Festival in London, and even got to film a few bands myself. It was a great experience, during which I learnt loads, got to meet cool new people, and rocked out with the best of them. Hopefully I should be getting to do some post-production work on some of the footage, which may or may not appear on Skuzz at some point in time.
I’ve also got some other potential video projects lined up in the not-to-distant future, which are sounding quite exciting. Will reveal all shortly…

New Website!

Why hello there, and before you say, yes this site has once more been newly refurbished, and about bloody time!! The only difference this time, is A. it’s actually finished, and B. I’m happy with it! Expect lots more content coming soon, which is the truth this time I tells ya! It’s a bit of an emergency that I do, so that I can get applying for design jobs. So keep your eyes peeled! If you feel like leaving me a comment or an abusive message, feel free to use the contact form provided! Ciao.

Check it outtt..

Can’t be long as I’m all busy busy busy, but just wanted to post a link to a website design for the club Evolution that I’ve just finished AND potential album art work for the band Honour Among None, which I collaborated on with Ryan.


Album art

Check them out and let me know what ya think! :-)

Merry Xmas!!