Time for an update me thinks. I’ve moved into my new house in Worcester, it’s pretty funky and good times have been had (“Mablooo!”). Still not got the internet up which is why there have been lack of updates on here, but this should be rectified by the start of next week hopefully. As a turn up for the books, the AMS is going great!! during Fresher’s week my fellow committee members managed to sign up 30 fresh new members, and we had our first meeting and social last saturday! the meeting beforehand was quite scary but still cool, and the alternative-pub crawl around Worcester was just ace. Played pool, had a few drinks, met some cool people, and got to boogie and discuss music all night!! hope to get even more of the members to come along next time.

We also went out on Wednesday to a jamming night at the Marr’s Bar, and even though a few turned up (cus we hadn’t really promoted it that well) it was still a laugh watching the almighty Black Bond (!!) and witnessing an entire pint smash into smitherines on the floor. So now we’re all pretty motivated to get some good stuff organised, including a trip down to Birmingham.. which unfortunately is stupidly expensive in relation to booking a minibus. So we’re looking into getting sponsorered by some local businesses. You WILL sponsor us GODDAMMIT!! I will not give up.

My course is also going really well, and we’ve had some really fun stuff to do like morphing pictures of ourselves in the Photography module, creating a simple song to represent a place or emotion in Sound Manipulation, and being a Director’s PA in multi-camera video! for the latter we had to film a mock-up production involving a simple script, and i had to wear a ‘talk-back’ headset and watch the live feed, while instructing the different cameras and counting down to the action. Sooo fun. We get to switch around positions each week so hopefully i’ll soon be the director and get to order people about! muhahaha.

Oh by the way, i am STILL to fix the stupid page alignment so bear with me. I only realised it was messed up the other day, cus i use Firefox and not Internet Explorer..

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