Well i have a new proper journal thing, so I WILL now post more often..if not just for the kickass smilies that come with this thing..I mean how cool is that >> aww.. and and oh my god i just saw this one this thing is AMAZING!! lol anyway back to my life.

Well for one thing, it is half-term right now, and that would be ok if i didn’t have a crisis in the art department right now. First off i’ve got to finish my Tarrie.B personal study by Monday (which is going great so check out the updated Relics page to see examples!! ;-) and then i’ve got to finish all my coursework by Tuesday! as i think that’s when we’ve got to hand it in so we can concentrate on our exam paper we’re going to be receiving. I think we can work on it later in the year though, but i’m still shit scared that the teacher is going to be pissed off that i haven’t finished, or in fact got anywhere with it! She’s not much help at all though, so i’m just going to blame her right now to save myself the guilt. Smeh. With all the development shit you’ve got to do with it, i really don’t know how to “develop logically” to a final piece of what i want to do. Ah well, I’m sure it’ll work out somehow as it always does. And plus there’s loads of people in a worse position than me.

Ah yes, and by the date, you may have noticed it is Valentine’s Day today Apart from the usual card from my parents I really wasn’t expecting anything, until that is on Friday i received a card from someone i wish hadn’t bothered. It’s been months since he last declared his ‘love’, and now he says ‘his feelings haven’t changed’ Trouble is, that he’s my friend’s ex, and to tell the truth he freaks me out a lil’ which doesn’t help the situation. Gah and i also discovered that my other friend sneakily asked for my address (“I have a palm pilot!!”) and gave it to him! Can’t trust anybody these days..*shakes head* Ok i have just found another smilie that i want to post which ties in with that statement.. gangster?? lol

Well on a lighter note, lots of gigs coming up in March..maybe a bit too many 8-O nah but still cool. Will be going on a road trip to Sheffield with El to see Le Tigre, should be damn fun blasting out the Spice Girls down the motorway..muhahahahaaa. Well I’d better go and attempt some shitty art. Oh and I have another interview on Thursday and Saturday, at Worcestershire and Coventry. With Worcestershire being my first choice, so I’m getting slightly nervous about that.

hahahah ahh yes..

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